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Our mission is to connect community pharmacies and covered entities using powerful technology that creates a meaningful partnership for the betterment of patients, providers, and the local community.
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We believe the 340B Discount Drug Program provides a foundational component of these partnerships due to the increased drug access for your patients and financial savings generated for your local communities.

Our core service is operating the only 340B contract pharmacy marketplace designed for local community pharmacies and providers. Some benefits include:

Standardized contracting approach due to our community pharmacy network of individual pharmacy owners universally agreeing with our standard terms and conditions. No hassle in removing negotiation like chain pharmacy alternatives.
Seamless onboarding process and realizing savings quicker via our new age program design and integrations
Industry-leading prescription eligibility process and compliance protocols
Customizable ordering system that is intuitive and seeks to align with pharmacies’ inventory management practices
A pricing model that is value based and therefore transparent in a mature industry with competitors charging illogical fees (e.g., click fees, match fees, data fees) for non-value-add drugs.

Additional functionality accessible at no extra cost - so you can add more eligible prescriptions to your program

Pharmacies & Covered Entities benefit from referral capture because of the significant value they create
Covered Entities benefit from this feature because they have control in our platform to monitor and approve all referrals to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
Unique, revolutionary claim qualification mechanism for superior regulatory compliance and increased capture rate.

Additional consulting services available to best fit your needs

Current engagements focus on additional services such as program management, compliance monitoring program setup, external self-audit services
Benefit from our repository of consultants with years of experience and certifications within the industry 
Audit-ready reporting information is available anytime, anywhere.
Stream-lined, common sense inventory management and ordering tracing each purchase back to an eligible claim and reducing the operational hassles experienced in traditional 340B models.

Collaboration reinvented

What Aventi Health is all about
A helping hand
Aventi Health serves as a third-party administrator (TPA), to help determine patient eligibility and manage 340B inventory as a means to ensure compliance with 340B Program requirements across its contracts and networked pharmacies.
Our platform would provide simplicity and a chain-like feel to onboard as many community pharmacies as you deem necessary to best serve your patient population.
Increased savings
Covered entities can generate revenue as they can purchase 340B drugs for eligible patients whose insurance reimbursement exceeds the 340B price paid for the drugs with available 340B discounts.
Removing barriers
We enable more local partnerships by having a marketplace approach, which means we are actively seeking pharmacy relationships in advance of facilitating a new contract with a covered entity partner.

Why choose us

From compliance tracking to performance monitoring, our enhanced 340B solution assists all stakeholders to see what actually matters, operate efficiently, and continue to serve their patients and communities
Better Patient Outcomes

By integrating into pharmacy workflow, Aventi Health offers opportunities for better medication adherence and increased 340B savings

Tighter Compliance

Our cloud-based platform automates 340B processes and maintains an audit trail on every claim

Streamline Inventory Management

We ensure the highest levels of 340B regulatory compliance and operational efficiency through a flexible, stream-lined inventory technology for contract pharmacies and covered entities alike

Robust Reporting

We automate reporting for 340B contract pharmacies and covered entities to ensure the highest quality information is just a click away

Our partners

We currently have several integration partners, including: Pharmacy Management Systems, Buying Groups, Wholesalers and Electronic Health Records.
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